Restaurants in Sultanahmet


Fancy sampling some of the dishes served to Ottoman royalty? Then head to Matbah, one of a growing number of İstanbul restaurants specializing in so-called...
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Balikci Sabahattin

Balıkçı Sabahattın is a firm favorite with Istanbul’s chic and considered one of Sultanahmet’s best establishments. The menu features enticing mezes and fish chosen fresh...
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An insider’s lead to where to eat in Istanbul from traditional Ottoman restaurants to tucked-away inns, inside the Old City, near to Sultanahmet. Given its superb situation at the gathering of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea lives, with easy access to the rich farmlands of Thrace and Anatolia and the rustic riches…

Either it is freshly caught bluefish, soft lamb kebab, melt-in-your-mouth filled eggplant, the vast collection of meze (starters) or delicious, butter-soaked, pistachio-stuffed baklava, there’s more than a fair choice for every taste.

Dine in a swank rooftop or Bosphorus-front restaurant, get down with the local man in a humble kebab joint or take a simit (sesame-studded bread ring) from a street seller